De-Lovely Quotes

Cole Porter: I'm making such a mess trying to say this, I'm glad I'm not trying to write it as a song.
Linda Porter: It would be a beautiful serenade.

Movie: De-Lovely
Linda Porter: You knew so much about me when we met, don't you think I'd heard a thing or two about you?
Cole Porter: So you know that I... that I have other interests... interests some may see as unfair to you?
Linda Porter: You mean men?
Cole Porter: Yes, men.
Linda Porter: Let's just say you like them more than I do.

Movie: De-Lovely
Alison: Your love line is so confused.
Stephen: It's not up-to-date.

Movie: De-Lovely
Cole Porter: Good catch!
Linda Porter: I always thought so.

Movie: De-Lovely
Cole Porter: I think we define woman differently. I don't define it as punching bag, for example.

Movie: De-Lovely