Contra viento y marea Quotes

"Natalia Ríos Soler: [he accidentally knocks her over, she falls into a bed of flowers] [smiling] Natalia Ríos Soler: Well, help me up. Sebastián Cárdenas Contreras: Sorry. [helps her up] Sebastián Cárdenas Contreras: Its just, looking at you surrounded by flowers I thought... if springtime had a face, it would be yours. Natalia Ríos Soler: [laughs] I have to go. Sebastián Cárdenas Contreras: She's so beautiful.

Movie: Contra viento y marea
Imanol Balmaceda Sandoval: [caressing her breasts] I always have the best time with you.
Juncal: The only one who matters in this relationship is you.
Imanol Balmaceda Sandoval: Wait where are you going?
Juncal: I'm leaving Imanol, I'm sick of this. And hopefully when I come back I'll never have to see you again!

Movie: Contra viento y marea
Renato: If you won't come with me willingly, I'll kidnap you. [picks her up bridal-style]
Sandra Serrano Rudell: [crying] Never leave me Renato.
Renato: [looks at her sadly] Sandra. [puts her down]

Movie: Contra viento y marea