Beat Down (VG) Quotes

[says it everytime you try to recruit your for as Jason G]
Jason G: Just keep your mouth shut and stick with me, alright?

Movie: Beat Down (VG)
[your character kept attacking the cell while you are locked up in prison]
Wendel: Hey! What's all this noise? Knock it off! I'm the warden around here and I don't stand for that kind of ****! I don't get no respect. I've got people ****in' with me from all sides. That damn Captain Chester's no different... No one knows how important I really am! It's all your fault! You and your jail breaks! That's why I get no respect! I am a victim of circumstance and it's your fault! [Wendel cracks his knuckles]
Wendel: You can't get away! I'm gonna make you feel pain like you've never even imagined!

Movie: Beat Down (VG)