Alborada Quotes

Marco: How are you?
Perla: [pregnant] Fatter every day.
Marco: And prettier.

Movie: Alborada
Diego Arellano, Conde de Guevara: [drunk] You wish you could be me!
Luis Manrique y Arellano: [watches him pee in the bushes] Uh-huh.

Movie: Alborada
Head Priest: [during Hipolita's interrupted whipping] What is going on?
Luis Manrique y Arellano: The King's representative has granted her a pardon!
Head Priest: I don't believe you. And even if I did the chuch has more power than any earthly authority. Continue with the whipping!
Luis Manrique y Arellano: [places sword at his throat] Like hell you will.
Representation of the King of Spain.: Enough! [crowd goes silent]
Representation of the King of Spain.: I have two things to say. Firstly, this woman has been granted a pardon. Secondly, the Inquisition has been abolished in Spain and it shall be the same in Mexico from now on! [crowd cheers]

Movie: Alborada
Luis Manrique y Arellano: [Hipolita is leaving with her maid, her son Rafael, and her husband] We have to stop them!
Phillipe: All right. We kidnap Hipolita, Rafael and the maid, and make the husband disappear! Cristóbal de Lara: No we can't do that!

Movie: Alborada