Afterlife Quotes

Albert Wesker: [During Alice Clone battle] Fill the main entrance with nerve gas, seal it off.
Umbrella Sergeant: But our people are down there.
Albert Wesker: [Wesker shoots the Japanese Umbrella employee in the head] Anyone else got any questions?

Movie: Afterlife
Alison Mundy: She got put in-in-in-in an Institution and she never came out. She died when she was 35. I was 10.
Robert Bridge: How old where you when you first saw spirits?
Alison Mundy: 10!

Movie: Afterlife
Alison Mundy: What are you doing here? In my Home, in my life! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

Movie: Afterlife
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Alice: [narrating] The Umbrella Corporation feel safe, they feel secure. They're wrong.

Movie: Afterlife