Celebrity Poker Showdown Quotes

Cheryl Hines: Why do I keep looking at you, Ryan. You are no help and you only mock me.

Movie: Celebrity Poker Showdown
Hank Azaria: This is the dirtiest game I've ever played.
Jeffrey Ross: That's the dirtiest t-shirt I've ever seen.
Hank Azaria: Look at what he's wearing. How can he stay on the clothes thing?
Jeffrey Ross: What's wrong with my shirt?
Seth Meyers: What I like about your shirt, Jeff, is they did those things on the arms and when they were done they go, "You know what, we need it down the middle aswell. We need more of it."
Amy Poehler: It's like a built-in tie.
Jeffrey Ross: Anything?
Hank Azaria: Honestly, it's like Stevie Wonder would've rejected that shirt.
Jeffrey Ross: Bobby, anything?
Gail O'Grady: I like they menu. I mean, you got a little bit chocolate chip and some fruit, it's kinda like the menu.

Movie: Celebrity Poker Showdown
Himself - Host: What's the point of having warm testicles if your nipples are cold?

Movie: Celebrity Poker Showdown
Matthew Perry: Would this be a good time for everybody to feel the felt?

Movie: Celebrity Poker Showdown