Rich Girls Quotes

Barbara Barry: [singing on the radio] An ordinary day becomes a holiday when I'm with you.
Richard Barry: It can't be! Her voice is just like Barbara's! If I didn't know my child was at school... I'd swear...
Margaret Allen: All children's voices sound a lot alike. It's just that slight difference that makes Bonnie stand out. A proud father probably wouldn't even notice that difference.
Barbara Barry: [on the radio] Marry me, and let me be your wife!
Richard Barry: It is Barbara! I'm telling you, it's Barbara!
Margaret Allen: Are you losing your mind? That's Bonnie Dolan!
Richard Barry: I tell you, it's my daughter!
Barbara Barry: [on the radio] Even funny spinach takes like pumpkin pie when I'm with you.
Margaret Allen: You're just making a complete idiot of yourself. I know the child and I know her parents!
Richard Barry: But, I'm her parent!
Jimmy Dolan: Listen, darling, tell us the truth. Do you know Mr. Barry?
Barbara Barry: You won't be angry if I tell you?
Jerry Dolan: No, sweetheart.
Barbara Barry: Mr. Barry's my daddy!
Jerry Dolan: Didn't I tell you she didn't jump out of a hat? There's only one thing to do. Take her back to the apartment, telephone Barry where she is, and then duck.

Movie: Rich Girls
Barbara Barry: Do you know to play piggyback?
Simon Peck: No, I don't think I do.
Barbara Barry: Oh, it's easy. Stand up. Now turn around.
Simon Peck: Like this?
Barbara Barry: Now I put my arms around your neck, and you go like this, Ride a cock to Banbury Cross to see a fine lady upon a white horse. Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she shall have music wherever she goes! You run around and around while you sing it. Take my legs.
Simon Peck: [running and singing] Ride a cockhorse to Banbury Cross, to see a fine lady upon a white horse! [a man enters his office]
Simon Peck: You get out! Can't you see I'm in conference? [He continues running and singing]
Simon Peck: Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes...
Barbara Barry: Woah!
Simon Peck: What?
Barbara Barry: Do you always tell people to get out?
Simon Peck: I do when I'm engaged in important business!

Movie: Rich Girls
Barbara Barry: Will you read to me from this?
Woodward: All right. Which one is it to be?
Barbara Barry: It's the one where Betsy runs away from the orphan asylum and meets Tony the organ grinder and his monkey.
Woodward: [reading] "Betsy Weir was two years old when her mother died. Because the family was poor, Betsy couldn't stay at home, so she was sent to an orphan asylum."
Barbara Barry: Which was an ugly red brick building far, far away from where Betsy used to live.
Woodward: Yes, from where Betsy used to live. "Then a young man came dancing around the corner in a green coat and bumped right into her. 'Excuse me,' said the young man. 'I'm always bumping into people. That's why they call me Puddin'-Head.'"

Movie: Rich Girls
Barbara Barry: Daddy, marry me and let me be your wife!

Movie: Rich Girls
Barbara Barry: What's your name?
Porter: Rufus Washington Jackson Lee.
Barbara Barry: All by yourself?

Movie: Rich Girls