Big Bad Quotes

Mortimer: Tonight is the anniversary of they Jail House Massacre!
Deputy Marcus: Real quick... do we feel massacre is a bit of a strong word? It was just that one small family.
Arial: The youngest boy did survive.
Deputy Marcus: See. Three deaths. I don't know the text book definition of a massacre, but it's gotta be close to... seven.
Sheriff Evans: Don't go throwing facts around, Deputy. We're talking FOLK LORE here.

Movie: Big Bad
Crystal: Some type of security camera?
Donny: Yeah, that makes sense, it's a jail.
Crystal: It doesn't make any sense. It's not a working jail.
Chase: Who cares. Maybe it has Facebook.
Crystal: Right. We can update our status to help.
Chase: Right!

Movie: Big Bad
Crystal: Stop freaking out.
Chase: I am NOT freaking out.
Crystal: You are TOTALLY freaking out. This is just like your fourth grade birthday party when your parents hired that guy in the mouse suit.
Donny: Guys! Focus.

Movie: Big Bad
Crystal: What?
Chase: Check your phone.
Crystal: I didn't bring a phone.
Chase: You didn't bring a phone?
Crystal: I didn't think I would need one.
Donny: You seriously didn't bring a phone?
Crystal: Oh, come on! I didn't know we were going to be eaten tonight!

Movie: Big Bad