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Takuma Aoi: We never had anywhere we could go. I knew that all along. Or any place to go home to! This is war right? You're all fighting for your lives! But die and you're just one more candle! Even those poor little kids. You're all the same. You're no better than the adults!
Shuya Nanahara: How I wish this war would end. I keep on asking myself. How can I answer all those who have died? I don't know... But inevitably, we'll all grow up to be adults. The best survivors can do, is to keep remembering the ones who 'died.' Always and forever. Even after we grow up.

Movie: Batoru rowaiaru
Teacher Kitano: So today's lesson is... you kill each other off 'til there's only one left. Nothing's against the rules.

Movie: Batoru rowaiaru
Yukie Utsumi: You like Noriko?
Shuya: Why...?
Yukie Utsumi: I know all about you, Nanahara. You know what that means?
Shuya: What?
Yukie Utsumi: [smiling awkwardly] Ah, forget it.

Movie: Batoru rowaiaru
[first lines]
Reporter: This year Zentsuji Middle School number 4's Class E was chosen from among 43.000 Ninth grade classes. This year's game, said to be more blistering than the last... Oh look, there! There she is! The winner's a girl! Surviving a fierce battle that raged 2 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes... the winner is a girl! Look, she's smiling! Smiling! The girl definitely just smiled!

Movie: Batoru rowaiaru
[Shougo has just finished bandaging Noriko's leg]
Shuya: You know a lot about medicine.
Shougo Kawada: Well, my father was a doctor. [a few minutes later, Shougo serves Noriko and Shuya food]
Noriko Nakagawa: Wow! This is pretty good!
Shougo Kawada: It should be. My father was a chef. [later, After escaping the island]
Shuya: You even know how to drive a boat?
Shougo Kawada: Hey, my father was a fisherman.

Movie: Batoru rowaiaru