Two Heads Are Better Than None Quotes

Kenan Rockmore: What's cookin', man?
Kel Kimble: Sticks. Want some? [takes a bite]
Kenan Rockmore: No, I prefer to eat things that are food.

TV Show: Two Heads Are Better Than None
Kel Kimble: Goodnight, Kenan.
Kenan Rockmore: Oh, please don't say that word. I don't wanna hear of a goodnight, badnight, headless knight, no knight!
Kel Kimble: Hey, how do you suppose he chops off the people's heads?
Kenan Rockmore: Don't know! Go to sleep!
Kel Kimble: A knife, or a sword? or with scissors? Nah, nah. Scissors would take too long.
Kenan Rockmore: Please stop talking! Just, rest.
Kel Kimble: Hey, you know what? What does he do with the bodies after he's done eating them? Like, where does he put the bones, I mean because...
Kenan Rockmore: Enough!
Kel Kimble: They probably just...
Kenan Rockmore: I don't wanna hear about the headless knight chopping off people's heads or what he does with the bones or what kind of car he drives! I don't wanna talk about him.
Kel Kimble: Alright... nighty night night.

TV Show: Two Heads Are Better Than None