Ba hai hong ying Quotes

Paul: [Feng is brought to the police to turn state's evidence against Sen and her organization and is met by Paul, who's in handcuffs with a cigarette in his mouth] Hey miss, do you have a light?
Feng: [annoyed] I don't smoke.
Paul: Oh, that's alright! I've got one myself here. [pulls out lighter and lights up his cigarette]
Paul: You know I don't smoke either.
Feng: [mutters under her breath] Full of ****.
Paul: [sits down beside Feng] So what are you in for?
Feng: I'm helping the police with an investigation. I am not a criminal, okay?
Paul: Oh. So you're a state witness. Funny, you don't look like a snitch to me. You must really hate that woman.
Feng: Well, she hates me!
Paul: Hey, come on. Maybe she hates you, because you hate her.
Feng: [looks at Paul's handcuffs] What are you in for?
Paul: [Paul easily removes the cuffs, picks up a pen and opens a case report folder] Oh, I'm here to take your statement.
Feng: [jaw drops] So you're a cop?!
Paul: Hey wrong! [gets up and points to a Hong Kong police poster]
Paul: You should say 'I'm a Royal Hong Kong policeman'. That's the correct term.
Feng: [eyes him hard] You sleaze!
Paul: Hey, hey, that's rude lady. I just wanted to see if you were geniune. Whether you were really willing to cooperate with the police. And now I know. So you wanna start?
Feng: I need my lawyer. [her lawyer shows up and she points to Paul]

Movie: Ba hai hong ying