B.J. and the Bear Quotes

Alison Spencer: What are you looking at?"
BJ McKay: I'm just lookin' at your eyes that's all.
Alison Spencer: Oh, they're all sunken and tired.
BJ McKay: No, no, No, No, They're beautiful. It's amazing what you can tell from somebody's eyes uh? It's like they, like little mirrors, show everything. Everything you're feeling and everything you're thinkin'.
Alison Spencer: You know what I see in your eyes?
BJ McKay: No, what?
Alison Spencer: A lot of compassion.
BJ McKay: That's 'cause I don't like to see people getting hurt, ya know, I like to see people happy.

TV Show: B.J. and the Bear
BJ McKay: Hey, you alright?
Alison Spencer: Hungry. I'm in desperate need of a peanut butter and ice cream sandwich.
BJ McKay: When was the last time you ate?
Alison Spencer: Sometime yesterday I think. Oh, It's not for me, I just don't wanna starve the kid you know? I'd like him to be born before he becomes underprivileged.
BJ McKay: Yeah.
Alison Spencer: Where are you going?
BJ McKay: I'm gonna get us something to eat. I'm getting tired anyway. Why don't we stop.
Alison Spencer: Yeah, but is it safe to stop?
BJ McKay: Yeah, just as safe as it is to keep goin'. Plus I know a good place to stop.

TV Show: B.J. and the Bear
Holly Tremaine: [Writing in a notebook, "DRACULA LIVES"] Y'know, this story is gonna make Watergate seem like a dimestore heist.

TV Show: B.J. and the Bear
Papa Bear: Well, let's get started.
Mama Bear: Oh! My soup's... er, my porridge is too hot.
Papa Bear: [Dosn't even taste it] Uh, My soup's too hot.
Junyer Bear: [Takes a big spoonful and burps] Duh, somebody's been sleeping in my bed! [Papa wallops him]

TV Show: B.J. and the Bear