The Legend of the Lone Ranger Quotes

Second chief: [Tonto has brought a wounded John Reid to the Indian camp, where he can hide from Butch Cavendish] ... The Palefaces make many promises to us, yet they keep only one: they promise to take our land, and they take it. And now you bring one of them here, to be nursed back to health? Tonto, why?
Tonto: No one has greater cause than I to fill his heart with hatred for the White Man. He has taken my wife and my child from me. But the Paleface I have brought here today is my brother, and I will guard his life with my own if it comes to such. If I am wrong about him - if he proves to be an enemy - then I, Tonto, will decorate my lance with this White Man's hair. But until that day comes - UNLESS it comes - let him be judged not by his skin, but by his heart.

Movie: The Legend of the Lone Ranger
[Grant, on a train with Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickok and Col. George Armstrong Custer, is commenting on the decimation of the buffalo]
President Ulysses S. Grant: What happened to all the buffalo?
Buffalo Bill Cody: I shot 'em.

Movie: The Legend of the Lone Ranger