Allegro non troppo Quotes

[last lines]
The Orchestra Master: We're unemployed, then.
The Presenter: Unemployed...until the next movie. I've already got an idea. A brand-new idea. We could do a love story.
The Orchestra Master: A love story?
The Presenter: But not the usual kind about men and women. Lots of men and lots of women.
The Orchestra Master: Wife-swapping?
The Presenter: No, not that same old stuff. Something different. I like asymmetry. Seven men and one woman.
The Orchestra Master: That'll cost a lot.
The Presenter: No, not at all. We'll get little tiny men and make the woman real tall. It'll be fantastic!
The Orchestra Master: Sounds scary.
The Presenter: What do you mean scary? Seven little workers, so you get the social context, too. A mine! They'll work in a min! I can see them now, singing happily.
The Orchestra Master: Have you thought of a title?
The Presenter: That'll be easy. Let's see...Sleeping Beauty. Now keep it under your hat or some screenwriter hack might steal the idea. You can't trust anyone these days. He'll change the title, play up the sex. And give it some crazy name like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. And then we'll be screwed.

Movie: Allegro non troppo