Quark Quotes

Adam Quark: When I was young and healthy Princess Karna almost killed me. What will she do to me in this condition?
Ficus: Nothing. By the time we reach Princess Karna you'll be dead.

TV Show: Quark
Adam Quark: Palindrome, what's wrong?
Otto Palindrome: Nothing much. Uh, the Head is a little disturbed. I sent a commander off in the wrong direction.
Adam Quark: That doesn't sound terrible.
Otto Palindrome: He's been heading in that direction for seven years.

TV Show: Quark
Gene: Pipe down! We've got to stick to the commander.
Adam Quark: Thank you Gene, I appreciate that.
Gene: Yeah, at least until we get you back to Perma One for your court martial.

TV Show: Quark
Gene: No Gordon's gonna throw me in prison! Anyone who tries I'll rip his knee caps off! [turns into Jean]
Jean: I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. Violence is not the answer to man's problems.

TV Show: Quark
Otto Palindrome: I'm sorry to bother you, sir, were you thinking?
The Head: What else can I do? I'm not that good at athletics.

TV Show: Quark