Aliens in America Quotes

Gary: Look, son, it's OK to suck. But it's not OK to quit. And if that means making a fool of yourself in front of thousands and thousands of people, so be it.
Justin: There's only, like, 80 people out there.
Gary: Yeah, but it's gonna feel like thousands when they're throwing garbage at you...

TV Show: Aliens in America
Justin: [voiceover] Intentional or not, Raja had stolen everything that mattered most to me, and I was determined to take it back. I knew I couldn't beat him with a better idea, so I came up with a cheaper one...
Justin: TEEN SEX!
Nicole: What?
Justin: See, got your attention didn't it? It's a grabber.

TV Show: Aliens in America
Justin: [voiceover] The only real freedom I ever got was once a week at Rocket Club, which didn't even exist. You see, Craig, Dooley, and me just made it up as a cover one time 'cause we wanted to see Charlize Theron naked in the movie "North Country"
Dooley: Who told you there was nudity in this?
Craig: Look at her, she's filthy. I mean, eventually she *has* to shower.
Justin: [voiceover] Turns out, 'strip mining' was not what we thought it was...

TV Show: Aliens in America