Air Quotes

Rosebud: Don't pull his paw!

Movie: Air
Assistant Crew Chief Weinberg: [looking at map] Is this here Wake Island?
Navigator Monk Hauser: Yeah.
Assistant Crew Chief Weinberg: How far is it?
Navigator Monk Hauser: Oh, it's about 2300 miles from Honolulu.
Assistant Crew Chief Weinberg: [whistles] And we're gonna land on that dot?
Navigator Monk Hauser: Yeah, it's not very big, is it?
Assistant Crew Chief Weinberg: Like trying to find a buckshot in Central Park. Gee, I wish there were some traffic signs around.
Navigator Monk Hauser: There are, but you can't see them.
Assistant Crew Chief Weinberg: I mean like numbers and streets.
Navigator Monk Hauser: Yeah, but they call them latitudes and longitudes.
Assistant Crew Chief Weinberg: Oh, and they're just like signs, hunh?
Navigator Monk Hauser: Yeah, if the wind doesn't change them.

Movie: Air
Buddy Budwaller: Betty Hudson is a mistake. She's not an actress. She's not the star of the show. She's a receptionist waiting to happen.

Movie: Air
Hilary: Daddy, I need 300 dollars.
Phillip Banks: Why do you need 300 dollars, Hilary?
Hilary: I need a new hat.
Phillip Banks: Didn't you just buy a new hat?
Hilary: Well, I need another one. I'm going on this Save The Environment tour and we're going to travel on a bus around town and then go have a campfire down by the beach.
Hilary: [will raises his hand to try and talk] What?
Will: Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't driving around on a bus and having a campfire kind of adding to the environment problem?

Movie: Air
Will: Your fraternity was called Pi Nu?
Phillip Banks: Yes...
Will: [trying not to laugh] So... that made you, like... a Pie Man?
Phillip Banks: Yes...
Will: So, I guess you hung out with the girls from Beta Crocker?

Movie: Air
[after Vivian asks Will to be her partner at Soul Train]
Will: I'd like to Aunt Viv, really. But it's hard to get my groove on with an old woman. [Vivian glares]
Will: Oh, you don't know kid talk. You know, bad is good, stupid is wonderful, and old is uh... beautiful. You *so* old Aunt Viv. You're the *oldest* woman I've even seen.

Movie: Air
Bauer: It's not murder, it's survival.

Movie: Air
[first lines] The President: And tonight we embark on the last and most ambitious phase of our campaign to end tyranny across the globe.
Reporter: Mr. President, given the severity of the current crisis, what is the risk to the American population?
The President: Our level of preparedness couldn't be higher. I am confident that we will prevail, what ever may come.

Movie: Air
[last lines] Cartwright: I made it.

Movie: Air