Casanova Quotes

[Casanova enters the confessional and crosses himself]
Giacomo Casanova: Bless me father, for I have sinned. Again. Um, I don't know where to start, um. It's money, father, er, love of money is a sin, isn't it?
Priest: A grave sin.
Giacomo Casanova: I, I don't love it as such, but I need it, is that a sin?
Priest: In too great a measure then, yes.
Giacomo Casanova: It's not for me. You see, there's this woman, um, and I suppose you can include lustful thoughts while you're at it... [the priest nods]
Giacomo Casanova: Er, there's this woman, but she's engaged, and all this went on behind her fiancé's back. Um, not literally. [remembering]
Giacomo Casanova: Although I have actually done that... But anyway, um, first of all I was with another woman, and I slept with her, sorry, er, well, I slept with her lots of times so, very sorry. Um, but before that she was a man. I was going to sleep with a man, sorry. But it turned out she had a false penis down her trousers. [the Priest clutches at his heart]
Giacomo Casanova: So, I slept with her, without the false penis obviously, um, [dreamily]
Giacomo Casanova: although we did find a way of using it... But never mind that. You see, I, I was just trying to be honest, like the sisters told me, um. Oh yeah, two sisters. I slept with them, both at the same time, er, er, lots of times, I suppose I should, I should mention that.
Priest: [clutching at his heart] Oh dear God!
Giacomo Casanova: I know, I know, but at least I didn't sleep with their mother. [Remembering]
Giacomo Casanova: Although I have actually done that, um, I suppose you should put that on the list. Two sisters

Movie: Casanova
Giacomo Casanova: Why the disguise?
Bellino: I was penniless.
Giacomo Casanova: I've been penniless, I didn't change sex. Well... there was one night, but I was VERY drunk...

Movie: Casanova
Giacomo Casanova: I'm a spy.
Grimani: How d'you mean a spy?
Giacomo Casanova: A spy. I spy. That's me, the spy. Of course, being a spy I really shouldn't say I'm a spy or I'm spied by a spy.
Grimani: I suppose you can prove it?
Giacomo Casanova: What? You want me to spy on something? Um, look, there's a canal, I spied it. Look, it's still there. Ooh, and again.

Movie: Casanova
Giovanni Bruni: I'm in hell.
Francesca Bruni: I'm busy.

Movie: Casanova
Grimani: I have considerable influence within the English court, I can demand an audience with King George the second himself. So go on, try your tricks, and you will fail, I'll see to that.
Giacomo Casanova: You're just dying to kiss me.

TV Show: Casanova
Henriette: The man of parts.
Giacomo Casanova: Many parts.
Henriette: Is that how you win over the ladies? Cheap innuendo?
Giacomo Casanova: No, you just make all my best lines rubbish.

TV Show: Casanova
Henriette: Quite the gentleman.
Giacomo Casanova: Quite the lady.
Henriette: Quite bored of this. Goodbye.

TV Show: Casanova
Older Casanova: [writing] Gentlemen...
Giacomo Casanova: Gentlemen!
Older Casanova: [writing] I'm sure we can sort this out amicably...
Giacomo Casanova: I'm sure we can sort this out amicably!
Older Casanova: [writing] Look at it this way...
Giacomo Casanova: Look at it this way; if you could do what I can do, then you would do it too!
Older Casanova: [writing] But you can't.
Giacomo Casanova: But you can't! I can, and I have, and I'll do it again! So, you should be happy for me, just a little tiny bit, don't you think? And *you*, sir, just consider; you love your wife. *I* love your wife! Aren't we both on the same side? If you think about it, I'm... I'm, um... what was it again?
Older Casanova: I'm hungry.

Movie: Casanova
[Grimani meets Casanova at a second party]
Grimani: Oh, it's that man again.
Giacomo Casanova: Are you following me? People'll talk.

Movie: Casanova