Adventures in Wonderland Quotes

Mad Hatter: [singing] Now say I wanna be like W.C. / I just slip this on and magically / There's something strange comes over me / [as W.C. Fields]
Mad Hatter: "Anything for you, my little chickadee." / [as himself]
Mad Hatter: You like hats? I'm mad about hats!

TV Show: Adventures in Wonderland
Mad Hatter: [re-enacting the scene of the crime] And then I slipped... and fell against the pedestal. [his hat falls off revealing the missing crown. Everyone gasps]
Mad Hatter: It's alright. I'm fine!
Red Queen: Hatter! My crown!
Mad Hatter: Yes, I know you want your crown! But don't worry, Your Majesty, with me on the case the crown-snatcher won't be able to keep this dastardly deed under his hat forever!
Red Queen: I mean, just give me my crown! [takes it from his head. He gasps at the realization]
Mad Hatter: It was under my hat the whole time?
March Hare: Boy, I sure hope this doesn't get into the private eye newsletter!
Mad Hatter: Your Majesty, I had no idea the crown fell on my head. You believe me, don't you?
Red Queen: What's not to believe?
Alice: Right. It's not that you and the Hare are bad detectives. You were just looking for crowns in all the wrong places.

TV Show: Adventures in Wonderland
Red Queen: You know, sometimes old things are better than new ones, flaws and all.
Mad Hatter: Exactly. Why, we'd rather have our old Queen than a young one any day!

TV Show: Adventures in Wonderland
Red Queen: [on learning how different Christmas in Wonderland is] Well, this is terrible! Poor Alice doesn't have any Christmas traditions!
Alice: Oh, but I do! Like, decorating the Christmas tree in the living room.
March Hare: You have a tree in your living room?
Mad Hatter: Well, I have enough trouble with the vacuming, I sure wouldn't want to rake the carpet!

TV Show: Adventures in Wonderland
Swift Heart Rabbit: You must be the Mad Hatter.
Mad Hatter: Why do I always have to be the Mad Hatter? Why can't you be the Mad Hatter for once? Oh, alright, I'll be the Mad Hatter again! You like hats? I'm mad about hats!

TV Show: Adventures in Wonderland