Adventures in Rainbow Country Quotes

Dougall McGregor: If you're my deck hand today, then shape up! There's lots to do.
Billy Williams: [feigning sincerity] Aye aye, sir!
Dougall McGregor: First stop, Little Current. I've gotta pick up some new parts for the engine.
Billy Williams: Why? Is something wrong?
Dougall McGregor: [pats the side of the cabin] She's an old girl, y'know. Can't take too much pressure.
Billy Williams: I guess you and this tug have been through a lot together.
Dougall McGregor: Heh! That's certain! I expect we'll be through a lot more before we're done.
Billy Williams: You've got lots of good time left, you and this tug.
Dougall McGregor: Well; thank ya, lad.
Billy Williams: I'd say at least another... five years. [laughs]
Dougall McGregor: Why you young bilge rat! [chases Billy around the deck]
Dougall McGregor: I'll... I'll take a belayin' pin to ya!

Movie: Adventures in Rainbow Country
Father Bob Coburn: They were brave men, Billy, those first voyageurs. Just think of it: those men, Brulé, Radisson, Groseilliers, La Verendrye, Champlain himself. They were all here, perhaps standing in this very place. What a rich heritage for a young boy like you growing up here.
Billy Williams: Yes, sir.
Father Bob Coburn: This is the last frontier, Billy. Between those smokestacks and land our forefathers left. It's young men like yourself who are going to decide the future of this place.
Billy Williams: Weren't you scared, about the rapids?
Father Bob Coburn: Were you scared?
Billy Williams: Well, sort of. But it's exciting too.
Father Bob Coburn: It's a sense of challenge. I hope you never lose it. Well, we'd better be getting back. [turns toward campsite]
Billy Williams: Father?
Father Bob Coburn: [turns toward Billy] Yes?
Billy Williams: Are you still trying to decide about shooting the rapids?
Father Bob Coburn: No Billy, I'm not.

Movie: Adventures in Rainbow Country
Medicine Woman: [doing an incantation before an entranced Eli] You come here for Eli?
Pete Gawa: We wanna talk to him. We thought he was dead.
Medicine Woman: Eli *is* dead. Go on, talk to him... [cackles]

Movie: Adventures in Rainbow Country
Philip Hurst: Kids these days, they don't seem to care. They don't want to put out the effort. And if you want to be the best, you've got to work at it. I guess I shouldn't bother you with this.
Nancy Williams: Oh that's all right, Mr. Hurst. I'm a good listener.
Philip Hurst: Then perhaps you can tell me: what's wrong with wanting to be the best?

Movie: Adventures in Rainbow Country