Acts of Worship Quotes

Alix: I found out how hard it is to change, really change. Even hell can get comfortable if you're used to it. All I wanted my whole life, was for that lonliness inside me to go away. But, it never did, no matted what I drank, or what drug I took, or where I went, who I was with. We all need something to help us get through life. All I needed was to find the right thing to rely on, something that would never go away, something I would never run out of. Turned out to be the same thing for everybody. And the funny thing was, it was there all the time, in those little glimpses of heaven in every day... In the smile of a stranger, the green of the trees, the advice of a friend, the laughter of a child, the help of a neighbor, the plane that arrived safely.

Movie: Acts of Worship