Abominable Quotes

Dr. Anton Phibes: Perhaps your hands will shake and he, too, will die under your knife. A few remaining minutes are all you have. Because when the acid reaches him, he will have a face like mine!

Movie: Abominable
Dr. Vesalius: I'm going alone. Maybe he'll trade my life for my son's.
Inspector Trout: If you think you can reason with him, then you're as mad as he is!

Movie: Abominable
Inspector Trout: But all this would just be myth of course, sir?
Rabbi: Oh, I think not.
Inspector Trout: No?
Rabbi: No. There is little doubt that the plagues did occur, though so distant now as to seem a myth.

Movie: Abominable
[Daffy is trying to tunnel back to Perth Amboy, but hits a blockage in the tunnel]
Daffy Duck: [popping his head out of the snow] All right, what's holding up the works? What's all the... the... [he looks up to see what's causing the blockage: the abominable snowman's foot]
Daffy Duck: Aah!

Movie: Abominable