A Thousand Kisses Deep Quotes

Mia Selva: [asking about the old woman]I want to take a look at her place.
Max: No, come on now. there's nothing to see. No, Her apartment is just like yours, no difference.

Movie: A Thousand Kisses Deep
Max: Do you know what you've done? You see this table? This lamp? This is where they're supposed to be. This letter [holds up her letter from Ludwig]
Max: does not belong here, now. You made a mistake, Mia. Time is out of joint. You have to put it back.

Movie: A Thousand Kisses Deep
[the lift unexpectedly starts heading very far down]Mia Selva: We're going down!
Max: This lift has a mind of its own.

Movie: A Thousand Kisses Deep
Young Mia Selva: You don't know shit about me!
Mia Selva: When you were in year 3, Mary Riley stabbed you with a fountain pen right here. [shows her the scar]
Mia Selva: There was blood and ink all over the place. You still have the scar. Ludwig loves that scar. He says it matches his from the gunshot.
Young Mia Selva: How do you know that? [they continue talking at a cafe]
Mia Selva: He'll keep hurting you, and humiliating you, and dumping you for someone else. But that's okay. It's Ludwig. So cool, so handsome, so mature. So what if he's married? He treats you like no one else. And then, you'll wake up one morning and he'll be gone. Just like that. And the sleeping pills you'll take should have killed you and the doctors will tell you its a miracle that you survived. But you'll wish that you were dead.

Movie: A Thousand Kisses Deep
Mia Selva: [to young Mia]I want you to stop destroying yourself. Just forget you ever met him. Get as far away from him as you can, because if you stay, you're screwed. And not just for now, but for the rest of your life. And no amount of abortions, doctors, or one-night stands will save you.

Movie: A Thousand Kisses Deep
Doug: Here we all are, carrying on like best friends, and, uh, we don't even know your name.
Mia Selva: Mia.
Doug: Hmm, Exotic. What do you think, Doris? A beautiful name for a baby girl?

Movie: A Thousand Kisses Deep