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Car salesman: Listen. You need to get the CD out. It's stuck in there on repeat. It's annoying. I haven't had time to fix it.

Movie: Polite People
[In the hospital corridor, ElÝsabeth is showing a nurse a textbook that Lßrus has written in when he was a child]ElÝsabet: He was such a creative child. [She sees Lßrus coming down the hallway and continues gushing to the nurse]
ElÝsabet: Look what I found. From when he was ten. Always dreaming up new things. We thought he'd be a writer.
Lßrus Skjaldarson: ElÝsabeth, what are you thinking? What do you want from me? Why am I here?
ElÝsabet: I want you to be our son. Be here for us.
Lßrus Skjaldarson: You call me just as he's dying, and expect me to pretend that we're family.
ElÝsabet: I don't understand why you hate us. I don't understand.
Lßrus Skjaldarson: [icily]I'll help you with the funeral. And then we are done.

Movie: Polite People
Lßrus Skjaldarson: What are you reading?
Benni: Hanzel and Gretel. The original version.
Lßrus Skjaldarson: Is that for kids?
Benni: I got it at school. The normal version is too simple.
Lßrus Skjaldarson: Someone taught you that?
Benni: No, I read it on Wikipedia.
Lßrus Skjaldarson: [slightly exasperated]OK.

Movie: Polite People
Anton: Lßrus. Talk to me in my office?
Lßrus Skjaldarson: [shortly]No. I have nothing to hide. Talk to me.
Anton: You haven't been performing in this job...
Lßrus Skjaldarson: You're firing me. I'll put that on the list. My wife didn't come home...
Anton: She was with me. You can see the kids whenever you want. We have to think about the children.
Lßrus Skjaldarson: Anton, you're fucking my wife!
Anton: Don't you think it's a coincidence that I got promoted while you're still stuck out here? [Annoyed, Lßrus gets up out of his chair]
Lßrus Skjaldarson: Blah, blah, blah... [He starts off down the stairs]
Anton: I thought we were friends.
Lßrus Skjaldarson: I'm broke.
Anton: That's not my responsibility. I'm only responsible for my feelings towards your wife. [Lßrus angrily shoves a few pennies into Anton's hand and gets into the elevator]

Movie: Polite People
ElÝn: Your CV is not very impressive.
Lßrus Skjaldarson: Yeah, my CV is not good.
ElÝn: [in English]We only hire winners, Lßrus.
Lßrus Skjaldarson: [in English]I know.
ElÝn: [in Icelandic]You have something big to work here.

Movie: Polite People
Lßrus Skjaldarson: I'm trying to get to know these farmers. We're trying to get money, but you just keep talking and talking and talking...

Movie: Polite People
[MargrÚt has just had sex with Lßrus, and during their pillow talk is asking him about his family]Lßrus Skjaldarson: My parents were... They were never really there. It's no big deal. They were... They are from hell.
MargrÚt: What about your mom?
Lßrus Skjaldarson: This is turning into a Danish soap opera. [in Danish]
Lßrus Skjaldarson: I don't want to talk to her. [in Icelandic]
Lßrus Skjaldarson: I don't speak Danish. How's this? [in Danish]
Lßrus Skjaldarson: I don't want to talk to her. [in Icelandic]
Lßrus Skjaldarson: It's like singing. [in Danish]
Lßrus Skjaldarson: I don't want to talk to her.

Movie: Polite People
[Askur gets into the car. Lßrus is sitting in the driver's seat, impatiently tapping the steering wheel with his finger]Askur: That didn't go well.
Lßrus Skjaldarson: I think it would be best if you stayed at the office.

Movie: Polite People
Skj÷ldur: People are arrogant and selfish. Also, rude.

Movie: Polite People
[Lßrus is dialling the phone. His father confronts him]Skj÷ldur - Young: Who are you calling, boy? [He pushes Lßrus coldly and walks past him. Cut to a few minutes later. Lßrus has managed to reach his grandmother]
Lßrus Skjaldarson - young: Hi, Grandma. Can I stay with you for a couple of days?
ElÝsabet - young: Are you calling Granny?
Lßrus Skjaldarson - young: Or maybe longer.
ElÝsabet - young: Are you telling, little snitch? Are you moving out? [Lßrus throws down the receiver and walks away]

Movie: Polite People
[Lßrus has chased down Ìorgeir, who has stolen Lßrus' idea and told it to Hrafnkell]Lßrus Skjaldarson: Say you're sorry or I will beat you up.

Movie: Polite People