A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery Quotes

Lord Peter Wimsey: [after realizing a new lead] Oh, frabjous day! Miss Vane, will you marry me? Or, failing that, will you accompany me to Darley's garage?
Harriet Vane: I will.
Lord Peter Wimsey: Let us be gone. [they get up and start to head out, but Peter stops]
Lord Peter Wimsey: Uh...
Harriet Vane: The latter.

Movie: A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery
Miss Burrows: Excuse my saying so, Miss Vane, but given your own terrible experience, I wonder that you should still decide to write the sort of books you do.
Harriet Vane: You're saying that anyone with proper feelings would rather scrub floors for a living? Well, I should scrub floors very badly, and I write mysteries rather well.

Movie: A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery