A Different World Quotes

Gina Devereaux: It's not what you think, Whitley. Dion is the sweetest, most romantic guy I've ever gone out with.
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: So I've heard. He's just nervous about the concert.
Gina Devereaux: Well, you know how I am - I'm so self-centered and I'm always running off at the mouth, and you know how I flirt.
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: There's no excuse for what he did to you, Gina. You're much smarter than this.
Gina Devereaux: But he loves me... and I don't want to break up with him. [sniffs]
Gina Devereaux: I just want him to stop.
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: Throwing jabs? You're making a big mistake, Gina, if you think you can change that boy.
Gina Devereaux: Well, I mean, I can try, can't I? Isn't love about sacrifices? I mean, maybe I am being stupid, but I don't even care anymore.
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: I think you do, Gina. I think you do care. I think you're embarrassed about that black eye. Believe me, I know about sacrifices. But I'd rather sacrifice my relationship than my body... or my spirit.
Gina Devereaux: Well... that's easy for you to say. You always got somebody.
Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne: That's right. And her name is Whitley. Gina, do you really think you need a man that doesn't respect you? [removes Gina's glasses and holds her chin upwards, so that she is facing Whitley directly]
Gina Devereaux: [as tears stream down her face] I better not miss his call. [rushes out of the room]

Movie: A Different World
Kim Reese: [crying after Claire Huxstable asks about her career goals] Everybody expects me to be good I'm not good. What if I mess up on a patient? I can't even chop zuchini.

Movie: A Different World
[Whitley's bridesmaids scream as they enter her bedroom on her wedding day morning]
Marion Gilbert: Ladies, ladies please. Your loud screaming will give me a headache which will cause me to frown and lead me to an early face lift.

Movie: A Different World