La Bamba Quotes

Bob Morales: Come on Rosie, take a hit man! Put a little mota in our love life!

Movie: La Bamba
Bob Morales: I've had one sip of beer and I have to admit it taste like piss to me. Want it?
Ritchie Valens: Yeah. [takes a sip then puts the beer down]
Ritchie Valens: What's your problem man?
Bob Morales: Old Steve. He always said you'd be somebody and I bought it, too. If that's the way Steve wanted it that's the way it was going to be. Even after he told me he wasnt my dad, once I knew the full score, I understood why he treated you just a little bit better than me. I'll just hang around for the leftovers, like a dog. That's how much i loved him. Like a goddamn dog.
Ritchie Valens: Bob we don't have to talk about this right now.
Bob Morales: ****! No, I want to talk about this and you're gonna listen to me!
Ritchie Valens: This is a crock of **** man!
Bob Morales: Man he set you up to conquer the world and didn't leave me ****!
Ritchie Valens: Nobody told you to throw your life away! I'm only sorry I didn't say something about you be drunk half the time. You did it to yourself!
Bob Morales: Listen to you, coming in here like you own the whole goddamn country. To me you'll always be that little asshole who followed me around in the sticks.
Ritchie Valens: Yeah, I followed you around man, 'cause I thought you were somebody. Then!

Movie: La Bamba
Buddy Holly: The sky belongs to the stars.

Movie: La Bamba
Ritchie Valens: Bob. Where's mom's new dress?
Bob Morales: What new dress?
Ritchie Valens: The one I asked you to buy her for Christmas.
Bob Morales: Hey, you're the asshole with all the money, why don't you buy it yourself!

Movie: La Bamba