Welcome to Hard Times Quotes

Mayor Will Blue: What can we do for you?
Brown, Territorial Governor's Rep.: It's the other way around. The name's Brown... from the Governor's office. Every time somebody puts a little capital into this territory, I'm called into the office and sent on my way. It don't make no difference that I suffer from rheumatism or that I'm past the age to ride a mule's back. A man who files a claim that yields, it's a town. If he finds grass, it's a town. If he digs a well, it's a town. And I have to charter them all. If the claim pitches out, the grass dies, the well dries out, everybody rides off to form up again. New territory for me to travel. Nobody fixes in this country. Everybody is blowing around with the wind. You can't bring law to a bunch of rocks. You can't make a society out of sand. Sometimes, I think we're worse than the Indians. What's the name of this town?
Mayor Will Blue: Hard Times.

Movie: Welcome to Hard Times