Point Blank Quotes

Arlene: [about the nametags she's made for the reunion] I had the yearbook pictures put on so everybody knows who everybody was!
Martin Q. Blank: A special torture!

Movie: Point Blank
Marcella: Sir, I'm really beginning to worry about your safety.
Marty: Look, I got to go.
Marcella: Yeah, we all got to go sometime, sir, but we can choose when.
Marty: No one chooses when.

Movie: Point Blank
Marcella: You can take care of business and stop by Grosse Pointe for your reunion...
Marty: Look, Sgt. Pepper, I really need you to shut up about that.
Marcella: Sir, it's out of my hands. The gods want you to go back home and they want you to delete someone while you're there.

Movie: Point Blank
Mr. Grocer: Kid, I'm putting together a little concern, which would enable those of us in our, uh, rarified profession to avoid embarrassing overlaps.
Martin Q. Blank: What, like a union?
Mr. Grocer: More like a club. You know, work less, make more.
Martin Q. Blank: Wow, sounds like a great idea, but... thank you, no.
Mr. Grocer: No? You remember Burma?
Martin Q. Blank: Yeah, I do.
Mr. Grocer: That nut, General Kwang? You were like a... colonel in that army, weren't you?
Martin Q. Blank: Yeah, yeah, he sold you all those tanks, you shipped 'em to Alabama...
Mr. Grocer: T-34s, I took a bath on that.
Martin Q. Blank: Yeah, that was fun.
Mr. Grocer: That's what I'm talking about, kid, we could be working together again, for God's sake! You know, making big money, killing important people!

Movie: Point Blank