War of Resistance Quotes

Hans Poley: [Sarcastically to a Nazi Collaborator]Hail to the Fatherland
Hans Poley: [Scoffing while fighting a burly SS Officer]It must take a BIG MAN to kill children

Movie: War of Resistance
Piet Hartog: [Mocking Kris during a chase]It takes a BRAVE MAN too SHOOT CHILDREN. You know what Freud would say about this? No because that would mean you could read [last lines]
Piet Hartog: [speaking from beyond the grave to Aty]I love to see you dance

Movie: War of Resistance
Kris Holmstra: [as Frans dangles from gutter]Looks like your gonna fall... that's a nice necklace

Movie: War of Resistance
Hans Poley: You can't kill them all
Colonel von Laeman: I don't want to kill them I want to keep [shows a lamp shade made from human skin of a murdered child]
Colonel von Laeman: Forever [shows off the birthmark]
Colonel von Laeman: Forever

Movie: War of Resistance
Colonel von Laeman: When I was a child I collected bus then moved onto small animals then to big game [shows off his collection of stuffed mounted various animal heads on his wall]
Colonel von Laeman: but it wasn't enough until now. Since now I get to collect a sub-species of human that will soon be extinct... JEWS
Colonel von Laeman: Darwin said Only The Strong Survive!

Movie: War of Resistance