Wish Me Away Quotes

Chely Wright: I've been having a problem with my editor. We've been going through pictures that we're putting in the book, and she held up a picture of me from the cover of that swimsuit thing. She held it up and said What were you thinking? I said, Pardon? She said Well it's clear that you're playing to a lie here. I said, Playing to a lie? She said Well it's clear you did this to pretend to be straight. I said, No, I wasn't playing straight, I was playing sensual, I was playing sexy. I can be that, and it's not a lie. You know at one point, she said Well I'm just an old feminist. And I would never take a picture like that. Well no she wouldn't, I would though. And I have a problem with her judgement, and her continuing to say that that's not me, that the photo is a trick. [starts crying]
Chely Wright: And I am just frustrated because I've been working with her on this book. And for her to be able to indite me with that, for her to be able to call me a liar! I've lied about things in my life but that is not one of them! For her to say that I was playing straight? What does she want me to do, put on a pair of khaki pants and a button down? Does she want me to wear exactly what she wears? I'm not her! Fuck you, Vicki! You don't know. You grew up in Manhattan on Martha's Vineyard, you don't know what it's like! You don't know me!
Chely Wright: [holds up a middle finger]Screw you!

Movie: Wish Me Away