Viva la Bam Quotes

Bam Margera: Compton Ass terry is gonna be...

Movie: Viva la Bam
Bam's Crew: You just don't go in the Playboy Mansion!
Bam's Uncle: YESHU DO! When ya're got a 20 year perscription they let you in!

Movie: Viva la Bam
Bam's Crew: How are we going to spot 'em?
Bam's Crew: Are you kidding? We're looking for Phil. He's not too hard to pick out.
Bam's Crew: He's like the size of three Frenchmen!

Movie: Viva la Bam
Bam's Dad: Is any one left in your will mom? Who, Jess is, right? Bam's Grandmother (Mum-Mum): No, he wasn't a virgin 'til he got married.
Bam's Dad: That's impossible to do that! Bam's Grandmother (Mum-Mum): In the olden days people did it.
Bam Margera: That's crazy!
Bam's Dad: You can't do that...
Bam Margera: You gotta testdrive the car before you buy it Mum-Mum. Bam's Grandmother (Mum-Mum): I think you testdrove a lot of cars.

Movie: Viva la Bam
Bam's Dad: [after April kisses Bam goodbye] If she kisses you, I can kiss you. I hope you know that. Bye Bye. [Tries to kiss Bam]
Bam Margera: Ew! Get away!
Bam's Dad: When she kisses I kiss
Bam's Crew: This guy's not even in France yet, and already he's acting all weird
Bam's Crew: H.R Kissn****!

Movie: Viva la Bam
Colin Morrison: [drives his bike through a glass door in the house]
Bam's Mom: Am I the only normal one here?
Bam's Uncle: No, Ape, I'm normal.
Bam's Mom: Oh, God! You're so not normal!

Movie: Viva la Bam