Tully Quotes

Tully: You know what? Why don't you just go **** yourself?

Movie: Tully
Sarah: Mom, what's wrong with your body?

Movie: Tully
Marlo: [Driving through her old Brooklyn neighborhood for the first time in years]That's a dog bakery now!
Tully: What was it before?
Marlo: A bakery for humans. People used to eat flour back then.

Movie: Tully
Marlo: I bet you have big plans. I mean, your 20s are great. They are, but then your 30s come around the corner like a garbage truck at 5: 00 AM.

Movie: Tully
Drew: Can we keep her?
Marlo: She's not a dog.

Movie: Tully
Marlo: [Sarcastically]I want to kill myself.
Sarah: What?
Drew: No, mommy's just joking, honey. Like a clown.
Marlo: [Mime-honks her nose]Honk!

Movie: Tully
Drew: I love us.
Marlo: I love us, too.

Movie: Tully
Marlo: If I had a dream that didn't come true, I could at least be pissed off at the world. Instead I'm just pissed off at myself.

Movie: Tully
Tully: I'm here to take care of you.
Marlo: I thought you were taking care of the baby.
Tully: Yeah, but you pretty much are the baby. I mean, even though this one's been earth-side for three weeks, her DNA is still inside of you.
Marlo: [chuckles]Right, yeah.
Tully: No, actually her cells will hang around in your bloodstream for years, and though Mia here will be her own person someday, right now she's still very much an extension of you. She knows your smell, your voice, your heartbeat. And you know her better than anyone. I mean, you built her from the toes up.

Movie: Tully
Marlo: Girls don't heal.
Tully: Girls heal.
Marlo: No, we don't.
Marlo: We might look like we're all better, but if you look close, we're covered in concealer.
Tully: Fuck.

Movie: Tully
Jonah: Love you, mom.
Marlo: Love you, too, buddy.

Movie: Tully
Elyse: [about Marlo's pregnancy]She could have it in the ofuro. We just got this Japanese soaking tub. Craig's boss gave it to us.
Marlo: Wow. My boss once gave me the flu.

Movie: Tully
Tully: I get that.
Marlo: Of course you do.

Movie: Tully