Truman Quotes

Boss Tom Prendergast: I've got a job for you.
Harry S. Truman: Well, that's mighty nice of you. What's the job, dog-catcher?
Boss Tom Prendergast: How would you like to run for Congress?
Harry S. Truman: Well, Jesus Christ and General Jackson. The answer's yes.

TV Show: Truman
Margaret Truman: [Margaret sees a rat scurry across the White House floor] Oh my God, it's a Republican!

TV Show: Truman
Julißn: Glad to see you.
Tomßs: I can see that... You've got an erection.

Movie: Truman
Julißn: You know the main thing I've learned from you?... What you've taught me all these years unknowingly?
Tomßs: Why don't we keep walking?
Julißn: Because I'm saying something important, can't you wait one more minute?... Why are you here?
Tomßs: I want to have breakfast, so that I'm ready... What's that important thing you've learned from me? Let's see.
Julißn: You never expect anything in return... You never want a payback... You're generous, unlike me.
Tomßs: Thanks.
Julißn: And me?
Tomßs: What?
Julißn: What have you learned from me?
Tomßs: From you? Nothing, absolutely nothing... Maybe illegal things... To be brave... You've always faced everything squarely... Like now.

Movie: Truman
Julißn: Each person dies as best they can.

Movie: Truman
Julißn: Why don't you go jerk off?... You're very nervous, it'll calm you down... Go and jerk off... Do you remember how to do it?... I can ask the flight attendant for help.

Movie: Truman