Traps Quotes

Abby: Will you wiggle your wings after you takeoff?
Will: Better watch and see!

Movie: Traps
Annie: Hallie, what was your mother like?
Hallie: I never met her. She and my Dad split up when I was a baby, maybe even before, I'm not sure. He doesn't really like to talk about her... but I know she was really beautiful.
Annie: How do you know that?
Hallie: Because my dad had this old picture of her hidden in his sock drawer and he caught me looking at it all the time so he gave it to me to keep. I'm really thirsty, you sure you don't want to go to the canteen and get something to drink?
Annie: Will you stop thinking about your stomach at a time like this!
Hallie: At a time like what?
Annie: [as she and Hallie step back into the cabin] Don't you realize what's happening? Oh man, this is beyond coincidence, this is beyond imagination! I only have a mother, and you only have a father... You've never seen your Mom, and I've never seen my Dad. You have one old picture of your Mom, I have one old picture of my Dad but at least yours is probably a whole picture. [Hallie races over to her trunk]
Annie: Mine's a pathetic little thing, ripped right down the middle... What are you rummaging in your trunk for this time?
Hallie: [she finally faces Annie as she hold a picture to her chest] This. It's the picture of my Mom. And it's ripped too.
Annie: [knowing] Right down the middle?
Hallie: [nervously] Right down the middle.
Annie: [races over to her trunk and takes out a photo and holds it to her chest] This is so freaky. Okay. On the count of three, we'll show them to each other, okay?
Hallie: Okay.
Annie: One...
Hallie: Two...

Movie: Traps
Big Man: [R. Kelly sings] God, I just ****ted on myself!

Movie: Traps
Fuzzy Jones: Keep your hand away from that gun. Make one move and you'll wake up playin' a harp.

Movie: Traps
Narrator: If you are a boob, you will be trapped!
Snafu: I wish to hell you'd shut up! I ain't no boob and I won't be trapped!

Movie: Traps
[Snafu slaps a girl's behind, finding it to be made of metal]
Snafu: Ah, something new has been added!

Movie: Traps