Sonic the Hedgehog Quotes

Old man: Can you help us?
Sonic: Do blue hedgehogs wear red sneakers?

Movie: Sonic the Hedgehog
Sally: Sonic, time travel violates the law of psyhics.
Sonic: So does Dulcy's flying but that doesn't stop her.

Movie: Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic: [scene after Professor Von Schlemmer's Humungo Gizmo explodes. Tails has eaten about 20 plates of chili dogs. He goes towards an ice cream parlor for some dessert. But then, a cloud of orange dust appears in the city] Hey, what's that?
Knotwurst: Mayor of Weinerville.: [German accent] Hmmm. Strangest looking cloud I've ever seen.
Tails: I'll start out with a triple decker cone, then you'll see some major munching. [the cloud of dust drifts down onto Tails. Tails coughs and when the dust clears... he is growing at a slow rate]
Tails: Hey. What's happening? [a few seconds later, he's looming over some buildings]
Tails: Hey, the buildings are getting smaller.
Sonic: [running towards Tails] No. The buildings are the same. It's you. Something is haywire little buddy. Why are you getting taller?
Tails: [Tails now is 30 feet tall] Yeah, I am! All right! [Growth stops when he's 50 feet tall, looks straight down at Sonic, who's right in front of his foot]
Tails: I don't like this anymore, Sonic. Do something. I'm scared.
Sonic: Don't worry, little buddy! I'll figure somthing out!
Tails: My appetite's getting bigger. I'm so hungry, I can't stand it. [Grins and picks up an ice cream parlor and tosses it into his mouth and swallows it]
Tails: Do something, Sonic! I can't stop eating! I gotta split before it hurts somebody. [Crushes some buildings with one foot as he starts walking off, all the Weinerville citizens start running in different directions]
Sonic: Don't worry! I'll think of something! I hope.

Movie: Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic: Aren't you going to thank me?
Sally: For what?
Sonic: For saving you.
Sally: Sonic, we were in a plane. If we'd gone off the cliff, we'd have been flying.
Sonic: Oh. Good point. [pause]
Sonic: But where would you land?
Sally: Oh. Good point. [pause]
Sally: Thank you, Sonic.
Sonic: For what?
Sally: Ugh.

Movie: Sonic the Hedgehog
Swatbots: Hedgehog Alert! Hedgehog Alert! Surrender now!
Sonic: I surrender, I surrender!
Sonic: [pulls out a power ring from his backpack] Just kiddin'!

Movie: Sonic the Hedgehog
[Sonic, Sally and Antoine are inside a cave and Antoine sees lots of yellow eyes and Antoine starts yelling]
Sonic: Ant, put a sock in it!
Antoine: My socks? What is wrong with my socks?

Movie: Sonic the Hedgehog