The Worst Witch Quotes

Charlie Blossom: I just got one thing to say. You're a real witch, Mildred Hubble.

Movie: The Worst Witch
Ethel Hallow: You sure you know how to play Terror Tag?
Mildred Hubble: Everyone knows how to play Terror Tag.
Ethel Hallow: You're not everyone.

Movie: The Worst Witch
Grand Wizard: Now, Mildred, have you made any plans for this unexpected holiday?
Mildred Hubble: No, Grand Wizard. I suppose I'd better practice my flying.
Grand Wizard: Would you like to practice with me?
Mildred Hubble: With you?
Grand Wizard: Oh, absolutely.

TV Show: The Worst Witch
Miss Hardbroom: You should be finished by now girls. A laughter potion should be made quickly, in case it's needed in an emergency.

Movie: The Worst Witch
[after Mildred comes out of Miss Cackle's office]
Maud Moonshine: What did she say?
Mildred Hubble: She said I must be the worst witch in the entire school.
Ruby Cherrytree: Did she shout at you?
Mildred Hubble: Worse. She was really nice. But she says if she hears anymore bad reports, she doesn't know what she'll do with me.
Maud Moonshine: Oh, Millie.
Ruby Cherrytree: It was a laugh.
Jadu Wali: You were hilarious.
Mildred Hubble: Well, I've made a promise to Miss Cackle and I mean it. No more acting the fool for me. I'm gonna be a lot more serious in the future.

Movie: The Worst Witch