The Sweet Life Quotes

[First lines] Lolita: What are you doing?
Kenny: Nothin.
Lolita: No, you're invading my personal space.
Kenny: Personal space is like arm's length.
Lolita: No, not always.
Kenny: How so?
Lolita: After 9pm, within a radius of a major metropolitan downtown area, personal space is like *at least* 15 ft.

Movie: The Sweet Life
Lolita: You have anything to live for?
Kenny: I have, uh...
Lolita: If you have to cram for it, you're in trouble.
Kenny: No-no, I have, uh...
Lolita: Yeah.

Movie: The Sweet Life
Kenny: You have that the whole time?
Lolita: You don't grab life by the balls with an American express platinum card.

Movie: The Sweet Life
Lolita: You were kind to her [Katherine]
Lolita: .
Kenny: Well, it's easier when they're not your own.

Movie: The Sweet Life
Lolita: Not having sex with you was the best sex I've ever have.

Movie: The Sweet Life