Had Better Days Quotes

Bill: Nice to see you too brother.
Micheal: I'm sorry. I just didn't expect you.
Bill: What are you an alcoholic?
Micheal: What?
Bill: Every time I see you, you have another drink in your hand.
Micheal: I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a drunk, Alcoholics go to meetings. And I can write a novel, I've been writing long before Hubert's on-stage blabbering, I'm a damn fine writer.
Bill: I never said you weren't.
Micheal: But you were thinking it, you all have been.
Bill: What are you talking about?

Movie: Had Better Days
Micheal: [Michael grabs her drink from her, stands up. Has an afterthought]It's a bit of clichÚ isn't it?
Sunbeam: What's that?
Micheal: Rebellious teenager throwing tantrums because she hates her mean step-mother.
Sunbeam: Well right now uncle Mickey I'm starting to hate you a little as well.
Micheal: Fair enough. Don't get me wrong I'm with you on the we hate Sue he old Hag bag. She's an awful person. You're not knocked up are you? Cocaine? Devil worshipper?
Sunbeam: No, none of the above. Did dad ask you to talk to me?
Micheal: Yeah.
Sunbeam: Maybe he should try to talk to me himself.
Micheal: Okay. Good chat. And Lay off my booze will you. This shit is bloody expensive.

Movie: Had Better Days