The Sweeney Quotes

Sweeney Todd: [singing] What is that?
Nellie Lovett: [singing] It's priest. Have a little priest.
Sweeney Todd: [singing] Is it really good?
Nellie Lovett: [singing] Sir, it's too good, at least. Then again, they don't commit sins of the flesh, so it's pretty fresh.
Sweeney Todd: [singing] Awful lot of fat.
Nellie Lovett: [singing] Only where it sat.
Sweeney Todd: [singing] Haven't you got... poet, or something like that?
Nellie Lovett: [singing] No, you see the trouble with poet is how do you know it's deceased... try the priest!

Movie: The Sweeney
[Barry Smith has just crashed his car and is seriously injured after being chased by Regan and Carter. In his car they find a case containing £10,000 in cash]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: One thing, Guv. How are we going to explain all this to Haskins?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: With long words and a dead straight face.

Movie: The Sweeney
[Brooker thinks "Soldier" has grassed to the Sweeney]
Dave Brooker: When I find out, Soldier, there's gonna be an accident looking for somewhere to happen.

Movie: The Sweeney
[Regan, Carter and Freeth break into a flat. It seems that there is no-one home. Carter calls from another room]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: They left without making the bed. The reason could be there's a dead man in it.

Movie: The Sweeney
[Regan has been summoned to a meeting with Superintendent Grant on his day off. DS Jellineck is taking him to Grant's office]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [sarcastically] I really appreciate this, Sergeant. I was going to be spending a dull afternoon watching Fulham play.

Movie: The Sweeney
[talking about Biggleswade who has stolen money to pay for his daughter's medical treatment]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: He's just another bastard, but with some bottle.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Yeah, I know. But I can't help taking my hat off to him.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: If he'd have had a gun that day, he'd have taken your hat off - and your head with it!

Movie: The Sweeney
[Carter chases an armed robber and, after grappling with him, slams him against a partition wall in an office. As the robber draws a knife, two arms suddenly punch through the wall and grab the robber by the neck. Cut to a shot of Regan on the other side of the wall]DI Jack Regan: [menacingly]We're the Sweeney, shithead. You're nicked!

Movie: The Sweeney
DI Jack Regan: We've gotta flop on that jug that Harry was talking about.

Movie: The Sweeney
DC Nancy Lewis: Don't give him a reason to look up your skirt.
DI Jack Regan: As long as he ain't looking up your skirt.

Movie: The Sweeney
DC George Carter: If you're gonna tie the knot with someone make sure they're a 9 or a 3. A stunner or a complete shitter. If you fall in the middle you're fucked mate. It's never gonna work.

Movie: The Sweeney
DC George Carter: He's either done all his beans and gone skint or an opportunity came his way and he simply just couldn't say no.

Movie: The Sweeney
DC Nancy Lewis: You look excited.
DI Jack Regan: Sorry it's your tits.
DC Nancy Lewis: They don't stick out as much as your belly.
DI Jack Regan: What you saying? I gotta lose a bit of weight?
DC Nancy Lewis: As long as you don't lose your charm as well.
DI Jack Regan: I suppose I could lose a couple of kilos for you.
DC Nancy Lewis: Oh I'm touched.
DI Jack Regan: I wish I fucking was.
DC Nancy Lewis: You're about to be.
DI Jack Regan: Yeah?
DC Nancy Lewis: Yeah. Here we go. Oh! Eyes on the road!

Movie: The Sweeney
[last lines]DI Jack Regan: [to Francis Allen]You're nicked.

Movie: The Sweeney
DI Jack Regan: Have you got big bollocks? Have you? You got big fucking nuts? Lets have a look at them.

Movie: The Sweeney