The Skeleton Key Quotes

Luke: So what exactly happened? I came to update her will, she was up with the doc and he said that he fell?
Caroline Ellis: He DID fall.
Luke: Like what from his wheelchair?
Caroline Ellis: [gestures her head towards the roof]
Luke: You cannot be serious? Up there? He fell from up there?
Luke: How? He can't even walk?

Movie: The Skeleton Key
Papa Justify: [Caroline is listening to the Conjure of Sacrifice record] From these chains, Lord, break me. From this prison, Lord, take me.
Jill: What the hell is that?
Caroline Ellis: [stopping record] Oh, um, it's just some local music...

Movie: The Skeleton Key
Caroline Ellis: [shouts] I don't believe!

Movie: The Skeleton Key
Violet Devereaux: I bet they don't have gardens like this is New Jersey.
Caroline Ellis: Actually, it's "The Garden State".
Violet Devereaux: I very much doubt that!

Movie: The Skeleton Key
[Struggling to speak as Caroline uses a spell to free him]
Ben Devereaux: Ca-ro-Line! Help me!

Movie: The Skeleton Key
[repeated line]
Caroline Ellis: I don't believe.

Movie: The Skeleton Key