All About Anna (V) Quotes

Anna: Eventually I tired of crying over Johan. I'd learned my lesson. I was going to master my emotions. I was NOT a victim of love. From now on it was going to be all about fun. From now on, I would be living life to the hilt.

Movie: All About Anna (V)
Camilla: Having a good time doesn't have to change anything. You have needs, and I have needs. What would be more sensible than to try and fulfil those needs in the comfort of our own home?
Johan: I don't know if this is going to work, Camilla.
Camilla: Sit down, please! Turn off your brain and relax.

Movie: All About Anna (V)
Frank: Listen, I don't blame you for not daring. I probably wasn't the right guy for you anyway.
Anna: Daring? What are you talking about?
Frank: Come on, Anna. If a guy showers you with eternal love, suddenly you're suffocating and if he doesn't, it's what you want, isn't it. Anna, you're so damn scared of losing, you never actually invest yourself in anything. Well, except your damn work, of course.
Anna: I just wanted to...
Frank: Anna, please. Just tell him what he means to you - or you'll spend the rest of your life thinking love hurts!
Anna: But how do you know?
Frank: Good night, Anna. And good luck.

Movie: All About Anna (V)