The Sacrifice Quotes

John Garrett: Micah... did you see what happened?
Micah: Some of it.
John Garrett: Like what?
Micah: My parents.
John Garrett: You saw what happened to them?
Micah: I saw the corn.
John Garrett: What, were they out in the cornfield?
Micah: Their blood was for the corn.

Movie: The Sacrifice
Bobby Knite: I'm not getting a good feeling about this. I don't like it.

Movie: The Sacrifice
Mrs. Burke: My husband walked into a corn field 15 years ago. He never came back.

Movie: The Sacrifice
Mrs. West: She warned you! She warned all of you! You blind fools... you fools! You let the wolf in your door, that's what you did! You stupid idiots!

Movie: The Sacrifice