Complete Savages Quotes

Chris Savage: I was cleaning, I was cleaning smell my hands!

Movie: Complete Savages
Jack Savage: Chris... Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris.
Chris Savage: I heard you the first time!
Jack Savage: You're failing five classes?

Movie: Complete Savages
Jack Savage: I'm not cleaning anything. And I don't think you should either.
Sam Savage: You're crazy. Dad'll kill us.
Jack Savage: No.If we clean this place he'll know we can do it. He'll never hire anyone again. And it wont stop there. He'll have us... [plays a chord on his guitar]
Jack Savage: ... ironing... [playing a chord]
Jack Savage: ... buying groceries... [playing a chord]
Jack Savage: ... darning socks... Whatever that is... You want aprons for christmas?

Movie: Complete Savages