The Rare Breed Quotes

Alexander Bowen: Ya cannot live with dreams. It's time to stop dreamin' and live for this day... and the next day.

Movie: The Rare Breed
Hilary Price: You decided to play Mr. Ellsworth's game.
Martha Evans: He certainly is not like him.
Hilary Price: Oh, no? One was willing to buy a bull he didn't want and one was willing to sell one he didn't have.

Movie: The Rare Breed
Hilary Price: How are you getting along with Vindicator, Mr. Burnett?
Sam Burnett: We're not gettin' along with him at all. He's a useless hunk of gristle and besides, he's lyin' on my blanket.

Movie: The Rare Breed
[last lines] [Hilary whistles God Save the Queen]
Hilary Price: There! Watch that one now. [Hilary whistles some more]
Jamie Bowen: Do you still think one of them will come to you?
Hilary Price: No, not really. Sometimes a bit of him catches my eye. I like to think he's still out there, somewhere.

Movie: The Rare Breed