The Missouri Breaks Quotes

David Braxton: The first time I saw this country, it had buffalo grass and bluejoint up to the stirrups. By the second year, we had eight thousand Texas half-bred cattle and over three thousand five hundred volumes of English literature in my library.
Pete Marker: Hell, we just cut out the unbranded stock and divided up even among outfits. There was no arguin' over mavericks like today.
Sandy: You got it good today.
David Braxton: Two percent annual loss then, now it's seven from rustling alone, not to mention winterkill, calving loss, miring down in the spring.

Movie: The Missouri Breaks
David Braxton: Honey, pull down Tristram Shandy again for me, will you?

Movie: The Missouri Breaks
Jane Braxton: I forgot, you do have your whores, don't you?
Tom Logan: Sure do. Like 'em, too.
Jane Braxton: Well, I'll tell you something. If you want them more than you want me...
Tom Logan: I keep telling you, I want them a lot. I don't want you at all.
Jane Braxton: Well, why are you being so mean to me?
Tom Logan: People have been neglecting to tell you what a nasty little ***** you are, and I'm just having to make up for their negligence.

Movie: The Missouri Breaks
Tom Logan: I understand you had to hang someone here.
David Braxton: I did that.
Tom Logan: Ah, that's tough. What was this, some kind of desperado?
David Braxton: No, he was a thief... with probably a million good reasons for being on hard times. The main thing is that we put him out of his misery.

Movie: The Missouri Breaks