Bakers Hawk Quotes

Billy Baker: Well, how many bad men are you supposed to chase if you're a deputy?
Jeremy: I guess five a week or so.
Billy Baker: It seems like you'd run out of people in town to chase.
Jeremy: Nah, there's always new ones to chase. My pa says decent people live on farms. Anybody who lives in town is a thief or makes their living off what they steal.

Movie: Bakers Hawk
Paul Carson: There's a bad element that's been drifting into town ever since the mines opened. They ain't like us. They ain't decent. They're just tramps, Dan. And we owe it to the community to do something about it.
Dan Baker: Go to the Sheriff and volunteer as deputies without pay.
Paul Carson: That ain't the same and you know it... you know. There's just some things the regular law can't handle. If every able-bodied man was an enforcer of the law, why this rowdy element - they'd leave town.

Movie: Bakers Hawk