The Maitlands Quotes

Phyllis: I wish I was dead, Jack!
Jack Maitland: I once thought I'd gas myself but I hadn't a shilling for the meter.
Phyllis: I've behaved abominable, absolutely abominable, to the Major. I can't go through with it... What you said about my marrying him to get away from here was perfectly true. I pretended to myself that it wasn't. After you said that, I couldn't pretend any longer. And then he tried to kiss me... It was horrible!
Jack Maitland: I can well believe it. Kissed by Major Luddington? Dear me, no!
Phyllis: Jack, what shall I do?
Jack Maitland: I believe a glass of water with a dash of ENO's fruit salts and some...
Phyllis: Jack, take me away from here! I'm not asking you to marry me, just let me live with you. Surely, if you loved me once, you could bear to have me with you now.
Jack Maitland: You may be the same as you were four years ago but I am different. The difference is roughly represented by not having your name in the programme and having it in lights outside the theatre. When I needed you, you wouldn't have me. Now I DON'T need you. I find my work sufficient.
Phyllis: I can't humble myself any further! If you find me boring you might at least have the decency to try and conceal it!
Jack Maitland: I should be more impressed by all this if you hadn't made it perfectly plain that my attraction for you consists in my being a possible mean of removing you from the tedium of Betworthy.
Phyllis: Oh, go on hit me! I'm too tired of it all to hit back. Anyhow, none of you'll be bothered with me for much longer.
Jack Maitland: People who talk about suicide never commit it. A person who means business just pull

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