Anna Lee - Headcase Quotes

[talking about a girl that Anna has been asked to find who is now in hospital]
Anna Lee: I've got to drive Thea Hahn all the way back to Richmond and I want to know what I'm taking on before I sign for her. What's wrong with her?
Hospital Doctor: Well, you know, she's sedated to the eyeballs - she won't throw a fit in your car.
Anna Lee: [ironically] Oh, thanks, Doc, that's terrific.
Hospital Doctor: Thea Hahn was admitted yesterday - she'd had an epileptiform episode. Her speech was bizarre and delusional. In layman's terms, she's as mad as a hatter. All right? We put her on Largactil and kept her under observation.
Anna Lee: And that was all?
Hospital Doctor: We're not a psychiatric hospital, we're...
Anna Lee: ... A bit of a karzi?

TV Show: Anna Lee - Headcase