Roadside Prophets Quotes

Casper: So what do you guys do?
Sam: We ride.
Casper: Outlaws, huh?
Sam: Yep. What about you?
Casper: Me?... I'm symbionese.
Sam: [confused] Cool... cool.

Movie: Roadside Prophets
Joe Mosely: Hey, you want to come with me to El Dorado?
Labia Mirage: [laughs] The legendary city of gold, conquistador?
Joe Mosely: Yeah, I guess so.
Labia Mirage: Maybe some other time. I got to stick to my schedule.
Joe Mosely: Oh, yeah... Hey! Hey, Sam.
Sam: Time to go!
Joe Mosely: This is Miss Labia Mirage, and she's dancing her way to the Yukon.
Sam: Time to get going.
Labia Mirage: You know what they say, conquistador... stick with the one who can see the truth of your soul. Don't take any wooden nickels.

Movie: Roadside Prophets
Salvadore: Lovely day. Bit warm to be sitting in the middle of the desert, though.
Sam: I know. My friend broke down.
Salvadore: Maybe I can help.
Sam: Yeah, uh... what do you need?
Joe Mosely: Eighth inch rivet.
Salvadore: Well, I got a lot of fix-it paraphernalia back at my place.
Sam: Got any beer?
Salvadore: I've got some crystal.
Sam: Wow! Speed?
Salvadore: Champagne... and speed kills. Or worse... it makes you psychotic. People love it because it makes them feel like they're in control of their destiny. What you wanna be on the look-out for is transcendent reality; seeing in and seeing out.
Sam: Oh.

Movie: Roadside Prophets